We have developed a programmed dub “TORTworkz“. It is a program where members TORTOIZERs will benefit collectively from us. “TORTworkz” allow TORTOIZERs to participate and benefit from our programs, where TORTOIZERs will discover the essential desire that comes from an aspiration to do something, which is of significance.

We exist as an advertising body linking our merchants to our members. Assumptions were made of our presence that we are an investment opportunity. Nonetheless we are never one to begin with. We channel traffic flow to our merchants with our members. The only variation is, we provide TORTOIZERs incentive for consigning more traffic to us and through this process, our participating merchants will be exposed to additional and immediate audience.

In return, TORTOIZERs will be able to make purchases with our merchants and affiliates at a discounted rate. On the other hand, members who wish to refer new member/s to us will earn incentive  for their effort and support. With these facts, the community ensures that the program runs long, so more and more future members and merchants will benefit with the program.